Friday, 11 November 2011

African fashion: ready for its close-up | The Voice

African fashion: ready for its close-up | The Voice:
Fashion journalist and Arise Magazine Editor, Helen Jenning showcases the new African fashion style and diaspora in the 21st century in her new book New African Fashion. She describes it as it is, no holds barred, as unique and definitely places African fashion on the map!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New African Fashion

New African Fashion

Become one of the Top Fashion Designers in the World

Being in the fashion industry is both overwhelming and exhausting, mainly because you get to meet all types of people from different places in the world. The exhausting part comes when there are too many things that need to be done, but you only have a few more hours left to finish them all. A lot of people today are dreaming of becoming one of the top fashion designers in the world, that is why they are striving hard to deserve a spot in this industry. Being a fashion designer requires to have full power when it comes to influences and knowledge. That is why people who are dreaming of becoming a famous fashion designer someday are looking for schools that will help them to enhance their skills when it comes to designing. There are actually a lot of fashion schools today, and all you have to do is to look for one that is reputable, and the one that can give you the knowledge that you need.

There are schools that offer short courses and long courses for fashion designing. All you have to do is to think if you are willing to spend four whole years in a fashion school to enhance your skills. Some people are enrolling for a two year course because they think that the only thing that they need is to polish their skills to become perfect. No matter how long your course is, you should always make sure that you are getting the quality of education that you need. Becoming one of the top fashion designers is not that hard to achieve, especially if you have what it takes to be one.

Choosing the right school plays a large role in becoming one of the top designers in the world. There are schools that are only teaching the basics when it comes to fashion designing, while there are some that teaches everything that you need to know. Usually when you are enrolling in a fashion school, they will require a portfolio from you. You need to show at least one or two sketches that you created. This will help them know if you are really for fashion school or not. You also need to take courses such as business and marketing because these things are needed for your fashion career in the future.

Becoming a top fashion designer requires experiences that are valuable. For you to be able to get a good experience, you should immediately look for an internship. Internship is actually a part of your educational program for you to know how it feels like working in the industry that you like. Some people who are lucky enough are being hired by the same company after their internship. This is a good start for people who are just in the process of making their dreams come true.

So if you think that fashion is really for you, then enroll yourself now in a well known and reputable fashions school, and become one of the top fashion designers in the near future.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Top Fashion Trends 2011

Keeping up with the trends in the fashion world can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. But if you are open to new ideas, textures and colors it can soon become a very fun endeavor. With fashion, we can completely reinvent and express ourselves in ways that we may not otherwise be able to. This article will lay out the top fashion trends of 2011. Remember have fun, take risks and be fearless with your fashion!

One: Mod style 70's chic tailored coats have been recently spotted on the runway. Think Mad Men with a bit more of a modern flare. Designers paid special close attention to details in both the collar and the pockets, often times opting for double breasted. Bold yellows, oranges and greens were heavily showcased. Be careful not to over accessorize this look because you don't want to slip into costume-y.

Two: Don't shy away from shine! Many of this years most stunning cocktail dresses as well as evening wear have given off a liquid like shine and iridescent vibe. Think of swimming in a luminous pool of silver or blue. Gold is also used heavily in this trend. The shine element is both captivating and positively polished.

Three: Lace it up. Lace has always had a delicate, dainty reputation but for the fall and winter of 2011 it has taken on a more bold, proud allure. Deep navy blues give it a pop of unusual color while certain designers, such as Jason Vu and Bottega Veneta, are dabbling with using it in different structural and architectural patterns.

Four: Block with bold colors. Color blocking is essentially when you offset more ordinary, neutral colors with a really bold, unique one. This is best done with a really great shoe, bag, belt or even blazer. It gives that extra punch to your outfit that is unexpected but definitely noticeable and appreciated. Tip: choose one bold color, don't try to incorporate too many as the look might become disoriented.

Five: It' a garden party! Flowers are coming back in full swing. I've seen really expressive, full prints of flowers used daringly on the runway. Designers like Givency and Nina Ricci have seemed to gravitate towards them in their recent lines. Tip: think less flower power and more Mediterranean rain forest.

Six: White hot! Even though we're well into fall and winter is quickly approaching, don't neglect to wear white. Who cares about that silly, no white after Labor Day rule. You've heard of winter whites, haven't you? Use them! White is stunning, and it has the ability to really shock people if it's worn correctly. White has the capacity to evoke many different feelings depending on the piece; it can come off as ethereal, dangerous, daring or even classically simple. Try several different looks and see which you like the best.

Overall, make sure you feel comfortable and don't be scared to take risks with what you wear. Fashion does change from season to season (though everything always comes back in eventually) but style lasts forever. With whatever you choose to wear make sure you have the proper attitude and outlook to go with it and you'll be able to sell whichever trend you are wearing. Be unafraid and confident and you'll be on your way to slaying these fashion trends 2011!

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